Sunday, 13 February 2011

Treasured memories book.

I've been so busy creating that I haven't had time to post. I'm going to catch up right now and show you some more of my work.

Fabric books are my passion, I like them to look shabby and pretty and as if they have been loved for a long time.

This is for those treasured memories that we all have.

I used my embellisher to make the cover. The base is a piece of dyed woollen blanket, I've covered it with merino wool then hand and machine embroidered over the top. The front is embellished with some hand dyed silk, a velvet flower and bits of my home made silk ribbon.

                                     ' When this you see think of me.' I love this saying.

                               A lavender pocket to hold your keepsakes and 'smells' so nice.

                     A pocket to keep a special picture that captures
                                    ' a little moment in time'.

                                            You can see more of the cover on the back.

   These are two more book covers ready to fill.  I have been making my own silk ribbons from an old wedding dress. I've cut them up then hand dyed them. Here I've used the embellisher to attach them to the base them machine embroidered on top.

       This cover is also made by embellishing a voile cutain over wool, I've added some of my velvet flowers then  free machine embroidered and added some crystal beads.      

I need to think of a theme for these two, but then I have more ideas than blades of grass in a field!                                   
Hope you like these, have a great week.

If you pop over to The Mouse House. to see more of my books and hear my exciting news.

xox Angela.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Inspired by Miss Sandy.

I am always inspired by Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage and when I saw her enchanting little paper shoes I decided that I needed to design some for myself. I cheated and found this pair of baby shoes in a Charity shop.

                                                       They are pretty and pink, just right.
                                          I played about and cut and glued and stitched,
                                          aged them a little and finally covered a box.

                                               I'm so happy with how they turned out.

                                      I hope Miss Sandy will approve of my' Little Steps'.

                                                                  xox Angela.