Thursday, 18 August 2011

All alone she waits.

Today I needed to be a little creative after yesterdays production line.

I loved  the Fabric Collage Workshop with KC Willis but haven't had time to work on any pieces for a while. I already had a picture on fabric that I really liked so today she had her turn.

                                             She looks so far away waiting by the window.

                                            Who is she waiting for?

                                            Someone very dear to her heart!!

                                         I enjoyed creating today, it feeds my soul!!!!
                                                               xox Angela.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mass Production.

I find it really hard to make identical items, lots of small changes are made without me thinking. I'm not a manufactuer I'm an artist.

Today has been different, but had to be done!

I'm starting on the kits for my classes in London. I know it's a while to go yet but these sure do take time.

I wanted to make them pretty as well as holding all the bits and pieces needed.
I've cut the fabric's, ribbons and lace, sorted the buttons and pearls.
All stacked ready to pack.

I've cut out and stitched the bags......

and made each one a pretty tag with my details on the back.
I listened to the afternoon play on the radio as I finished them of.

The first set of many, tomorrow I'll be creating something new, just a one of a kind, absolutely no repitition.

                                       Hope you all had a fun day.     xox Angela.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

One last bag to make up all the samples.

I've finished the final sample for my workshops, it shows how far the design can go from that tiny pouch to a beautiful bag.

Lots of fabric roses and lace.
I made some of the roses with organza type fabric made for curtains which I have heated with my hot gun to give a more ruffled look.
I found this pretty cameo brooch for the flap.

For the bottom I made a fringe from seam binding ribbon and added this gorgeous lace.

All in all I quite pleased with the result.
I'm making up the kits for one of my workshops, they need to be pretty and inspiring. I'll show you next time.
One more workshop to prepare for and more kits to make.

I'm keeping busy.

xox Angela.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Romantic pouches and some good news.

I checked on my classes at Knitting and Stitching in London next October and was delighted to see that three have sold out and one has only two spaces left.

You should have seen me doing the happy dance!!

I shall be starting work on all the kits next week but meanwhile finished a couple more samples.

I've made this as a sample to photograph but will be sending it out to a friend on Monday.

I love these silk cocoon flowers that I learnt at a workshop with Steph Francis last year.
These little purses are such a pleasure to make!

This is a bigger version that I've made into a bag by adding a scarf to go over the shoulder.
This fabric was on an old footstool that I made into a sewing box, I love the colour. I dyed some seam binding and a piece of fringe to sew along the bottom and added a piece of narrow lace from the Indian trims shop in  Walthamstow Market.

I've dipped the lace doily in the dye before stitching on the flap them made several roses to decorate the front.

I 've also dyed the silk cocoons to add for the front fastening.

I remembered that I had a pretty silk chiffon scarf that I have felted on my embellisher then added some free machine embroidery. I think they look good together, do you?

I'm off to The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham next week. Can't wait!!
I'll be using my bag, not sure it will hold all my purchases though.

Have a super weekend.
xox Angela.