Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stitched today.

I wanted to give you an update on 'Ediths House', the quilt I am working on for my newest grandaughter.

Progress is slow as I am working on teaching projects at the same time.

Today I have been working on a sample that will be made into a kit.
I love working with wool felt and I am trying to keep the colours in vintage shades.
This little heart is a case to protect my scissor points.
I'm going to be hand dying some wool to get the sort of colours I love.

As promised a peak at the quilt....
Flowers in the garden,

The Rowan tree....

and now I'm embroidering the applique border, adding lots of lazy daisy flowers, could be a while with this...

Pop over to The Mouse House to see the little English Mouse I've been working on. She was lovely to work on..

xox Angela

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Key to My Heart.

There are so many beautiful hearts around on blogs at the moment, of every description. I love them all!!

                                                    Here is 'The Key to My Heart'.

 I am delighted to be teaching this, along with my Quilters Journal, at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, this August.

I used a cutter quilt for the base and lots of pretty lace which I've stitched and beaded.

I've used one of the old keys that I bought in a market in Madeira whilst on holiday last year.

I'm off to London again tomorrow to help my son and his wife with Freya and Edith and to let them have a night out together. There will be a slight detour to see my friend in Winchester on the way.
Can't wait!!!

I also would like to say a big HELLO to all the people who I follow, some of you haven't had comments as Blogger seems to have a problem again, some thing to do with the comments system I believe. So fear not I'm reading all your posts and hopefully the issues will be sorted soon.

Have a great day.
xox Angela.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Completed today.

I've finisheed these pretty pegs today, they are specially made for a wedding in Hawaii.
Here's a closer look.
Each one has been stamped with a special word then decorated some vintage music, and either a feather or fabric then a scrap of scrim topped with a flower. They have all been sprayed with Glimmer mist to make them sparkle.

They will be used to hold place names and will make an unusual Wedding favour.

I had a lovely day listening to the radio and making these.

Hope your day was good too.

xox Angela.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

First book of 2012.

After buying some pretty fabrics from Petra Prins from the Netherlands during Cowslip Christmas Fair I couldn't wait to start on another book for a Quilter.

This book has three signatures and a total of 24 pages.

                     The front cover needs a little more adding,
                     I'm still thinking about that.

                              I love the colour of this ribbon,
                              it was used to tie a Christmas present.
                              I've stitched '' Love to Quilt'' along one piece
                              and a heart motif along the other.
                              It's used to tie the pages together.

Lots of lace and trims along the edges of the pages.

Inside the front cover and a pocket for 'keepsakes'.



A place to keep needles.....

Lots of blank pages for journaling....

Almost finished just a few special things to make to put in the pockets.

I'm ready now to start on the next book as a teaching aid in my classes.
It has to be a two day workshop so needs to be a simplified version.

Hope you are all busy creating your own treasures.

Have fun!!!
xox Angela.