Sunday, 22 April 2012

At last a finished quilt and new dolls.

It's finished at last, I left Ediths quilt hanging on her cot before I left London.

I stitched and stitched to be able to complete it.

I decided it would be nice with a curved border and added a label on the back.

I need to add the time she was born and her birth weight when I next visit.

These are two Raggedies that I made for each of my Grandaughters.

One had to be washed and her hair felted but I rather like her new look.!!..

Beau, the cat, had to be included too.

Back home and I'm working on some new Prim dolls.

The first is 'Lavender'

She works in the lavender fields and so smells divine.
She has a checked homespun dress and a woollen shawl.
She  is rag stuffed and always carries a Lavender bag.
She makes and sells pretty scented doll bowl fillers.

All my quilting friends need a Guardian Angel.

She is the keeper of lost pins and needles and can sooth those sore fingers.
She can help you get the smallest stitches and the neatest points.

                           Who wouldn't love to have her near!!

 She sits on her own little four patch quilt in faded colours and has her little mouse for company.

I have used a pattern from My Primitive Saltbox. Thank you so much to a wonderful designer.

We have lots of April showers here at the moment so it's nice to keep dry and keep stitching**!!!***.

Have a great week,
xox Angela.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Beautiful threads and Spiders silk.

I'm in London for two weeks looking after my son's cat while he is on holiday in Canada with his wife and daughters.

Yesterday I visited the Handweavers Studio in Finsbury Park.

Shelves full of beautiful threads, cotton, rayon, wool, silk, it's a needlewomans dream.

Today I went out in search of inspiration.
A few stops on the tube and I'm in Knightsbridge heading towards the Victoria and Albert museum.

First things first, a cup of coffee in this amazing cafe.
This fabulous room is a feast for the eyes. I love the contemporary lighting amongst the Victorian splendor.

Next to the glass galleries to research a Bohemian glass vase that I have owned for many years.

Again the mix of modern and traditional is very clever.
This is the gallery above the main exhibit.

I have always enjoyed visiting the textile galleries alas they are being moved to another part of London so I had to settle for the Theatrical costumes.

The work on this piece is wonderful but difficult to capture on my camera.

Finally, the thing I really went to see,

A golden cloak made from the silk of the female Golden Orb spider. Having seen this on TV I wanted to see it for myself.
This is part of the design drawing.

Part of a large shawl,
and a close up of the fringe.

It is truly awe insiring and a work of art.

I'm back home with the cat who was pleased to see me and I'm settling down to do a little hand stitching.

Happy Easter,
xox Angela.