Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I love the look and feel of cloth dolls and the quirkier the better. There is a real pleasure in searching through the internet and looking at American Primitive dolls, there appeal is endless.

My friend Joan had a birthday recently so I made "Maddy" as a gift for her. This happy little soul now sits on a chair in her sitting room.

One doll is never enough, so along came 'Adeline'. I am very fond of her as she dares to be different. She looks at life from all directions and is a proud individual.

Her hair is wild, although she tries hard to tame it somehow it always has a windswept look. Her necklace is made from boot buttons from her grandmothers button box. She always has a wry smile on her face thinking about the scrapes she gets in to. We would all love her as a friend!!

Coffee time now, off to meet another friend.

Have fun.
xox Angela.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Summer of Design.

At the end of our last term we were set a summer project to keep us busy during the holiday.

We were asked to fill an A3 sketchbook with a documentation of our summer and to look for design opportunities in the every day.

The trees in my last post are part of this sketchbook and were inspired by the artist David Hockney and his wonderful "Yorkshire Sketchbook".

My work is a random look at places and events of the summer, Chelsea flower show,  The Tour De France in the UK, walks along the coast and various other ramblings.

On a visit to the beach in Devon I came across a wonderful bed of alliums. Such lovely shapes and colours.


So many ways to draw and paint these majestic flowers. It would be great to develop this theme further

 I couldn't resist a little play today, green fabric, bleach as a discharge, stitch over the top and making myself stop there.

It's just over a week until term starts, our first brief will be emailed in the next couple of days and the work begins. I just love it!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, it's great to hear from old friends.

Enjoy your week.
xox Angela.