Thursday, 24 March 2011

Welsh blanket bag.

I have promised myself to reduce my stash of fabrics and not buy any new until I've used what I have.
This is not easy! I have avoided all the shops that I know will tempt me..... It's hard just walking past.

Today I had a mission --- use some up!!!

I caught sight of a piece of vintage Welsh blanket as I retrieved a bag of chocolate buttons hidden in the piano stool.( don't ask).

It's in beautiful 1930's colours' then I remembered a couple of linen tablecloths maybe the same date and in similar colours.

The blanket was big enough to make three handbags, this is the first, it has a long handle to go over your shoulder. There is also a pretty linen purse. Both are decorated with hand dyed lace. They would be great for anyone who loves a vintage look.

I'm putting them in my Etsy shop, so pop over for a closer look.

xox Angela.


Createology said...

Such a lovely use of your fabrics. The hand dyed lace is the perfect touch. Happy sewing...

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angela,
It was so good to hear from you!!! And I love your creation--you are a marvel!!!

Pinwheel said...

that is so precious!!! i love making things from what you already have... : }

Sandie's Patch said...

Have a great weekend!

Sandie xx

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Angela!!
I see my friend Cindy visits you :)
So happy to see that my post charmed you!! with the history of them widely used in England of course they would tug at your heart :)
My in laws lived there and all my ex- mother inlaws family does to this day :)

I am also enamored with your craft, and both blogs. We had a retail shop cottage style home decor called the mouse house! we loved that shop so this is why your wonderfully name blog the mouse house sticks so with us!!

Have a beautiful week, inspiring you beautiful things to create.

Barbara Jean said...

those are so cute!! Not like anything I have seen here

barbara jean

Jillayne said...

Your bag is really cute!
I admire your strength - I try to only use what I have but it seems every so often I am tempted by a new fabric - working in a quilt shop doesn't help at all! I have been keeping track of my fabric in and fabric out so it's staying in my mind but I am still buying a bit....

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angela,
Oh gosh, I made a post yesterday called Heart to Heart...I'd love your feedback on it if you have time--it's about what our art means to us!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Angela,

The little bags are lovely and what a good way to use up some of your stash.
Sounds exactly like me.

Hope that you are having a lovely week

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Angela...How creative is that! The little bags have turned out well! Your work is
gorgeous! Love your comments and thanks!
Hugs, Suzy

soggibottom said...

Where did you see that ?
Not been out for days... weeks.... :-)

Really need to escape for a few hours.. :-)
How about somewhere near. :-)
Or I will be driven nuts when "one of us is rebuilding our kitchen "
How about... hum. thinking.... :-)
Let me know xxxxxxxxxxxxx Dartington....
OR... China Blue ?
No hills :-)
As long as I can park :-)

mo said...

You are so clever! They are just beautiful. A wonderful color combination.

I will definately check out your shop!



Jan Walker said...

Since the whole world could be made up of just varying shades of green - I love the little bag. I just stumbled upon your site. Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful items. blessings, Jan