Friday, 16 September 2011

''That First Kiss''

Here's the sample for the class that I'll be teaching on the last day of Knitting and Stitching in London next month.
I found this lovely picture on a blog but can't remember which one. If it's yours thank you for the inspiration.
I wanted to keep to the soft palette that I love.
Lots of aged fabric and lace finished with a little sparkle!!

Next, to make up sixteen kits as it looks like I have a full class. lots of cutting,coffee dying, printing and sorting. At last they're finished.

I made a label for each bag and tied the tops through heart shaped holes with crinkled seam binding.

I'm looking forward to all my classes after working home alone for so long.
Then again
it's  always nice to come home after a trip so I made a little collage from a vintage cross stitch picture thats been in the bottom of my sewing box for ages.
This usually hangs on my stairway and reminds me of my pretty cottage home.
Lots more to do before the end of the month and not enough time, so I'm off back to my stitching.
                                                        Have a great weekend,
                                                                xox Angela.


Pat Winter said...

Congratulations! You won the second prize in my 500 follower giveaway. Janet gets first pick for being first chosen but I wanted to give both gifts away so you will receive the other. I will need your mailing address sent to

Dorthe said...

Angela, your class sample, is the cutest ever, I know they will all love making this, and to recieve your beautiful decorated kit bags.
The little hanger is so lovely and cosy, too.
Congratulations on winning Pats giveaway.