Friday, 30 December 2011

Welcome to the New Year.

I had an eventful run up to Christmas. On a trip out to deliver my brothers presents I was in a collision with another car, whilst I ended up with minor bruises my poor car alas is no more.
I will always be so grateful to the kind people who helped me by taking me , a stranger ,back to there house , looking after me , letting me use there computer and phone and  giving me coffee whilst I waited for my brother to come and pick me up.
The whole incident was quite an upset and was made so much less traumatic by these wonderful people.

So, no car, and a ton of presents to get to London. I travelled by taxi, train, tube and bus to reach my family with two huge suitcases and two bags.
It was so worth it, I had the best Christmas, lots of wonderful food, wine and the pleasure of seeing the absolute delight on the face of my 3 year grand daughter when she saw that Father Christmas had been and left lots of presents under the tree.

I'm home now, I pick up my new car on Tuesday and will be delighted to be out and about again.

Being house bound has given me chance to do some early spring cleaning to start the New Year.

I'm updating my Etsy shop with a couple of books.


                                                                     and Imagine.

I'm starting on some new projects for 2012, it's going to be a busy year with lots of teaching and some great trips planned. can't wait!!!!

A Very Happy New Year to you all.

xox Angela.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

More stitching on Ediths House.

Every afternoon in the couple of hours before starting dinner I am sitting and stitching on Ediths House.
I make a pot of tea ,put the radio on and settle down on the sofa in my kitchen with my needle and thread.
The lettering is done, the door has a number and a door knob and there is a tree in the garden, it just needs leaves,.
My son and his wife had a tree planted in there street to replace one that the council removed so this is my version.

           Today I'm going to start on the garden, there will be lots and lots of flowers.

                                  See you next time with the garden blooming.

                                                         xox Angela.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Ediths House.

                                          Today I've added the applique to Ediths quilt.

                                                     Hearts and flowers...........

         I used a dark brown blanket stitch on my sewing machine for the edges.
             Tomorrow I need to add the flower middles...........

                                                          xox, Angela.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New quilt top, 'Ediths House'.

Piecing a quilt top for me is about creating a 'canvas' for lots of Applique, embroidery and of course quilting.
I promised my daughter in law a very special quilt for my newest grandaughter. She already has a 'Tummy time ' play quilt but didn't have something really beautiful to welcome her into the world.

I've thought and thought about this quilt and very slowly an idea has formed.
 Today I finished the ''canvas'''.

The quilt is to be called 'Ediths House'.
 My son and his wife have a detached Victorian house in London so I made a rough lookalike to go in the middle.

I've left enough room above to add some lettering which will be hand stitched as part of the quilting.

                          I made a paper template so I can judge the placement.

Tomorrow I'll start on the applique, no firm plans yet, we'll see how it evolves....

I've looked back in my photo files and found a few pics of some of the details on Freyas quilt, it was all in very soft pinks and white so not east to photograph It's been folded too so excuse some creasing.

 I used the piecing as the base to stitch and embroider.

There are birds and dragonflies,

Angel kisses....

Big flowers.....

Flowers in a vase....

and daisies in a row.

I'm anxious to start tomorrow adding to 'Ediths house'.
I'll keep you updated.

My Christmas Quilt isn't finished yet and is waiting patiently to be stitched but ''so many quilts, so little time''!!!!

xox Angela.