Saturday, 18 February 2012

A vintage quilt and an old bear.

I bought this quilt at Christmas as a present to myself.

Strictly speaking , as it only has two layers, a front and a back, it is a coverlet, made in around 1880 I think.

I love the fabrics and although some of them are starting to perish it is a real treasure,
It is mostly in squares with a few triangles and is all hand quilted in a chevron design.

I love the blend of blues, browns and reds.
This triangle has been made from two different scraps of fabrics.

I wish I new the history of this piece and I would love to have met the woman who made her.
I have it on the back of my sofa and admire it every day.

Recently I bought a pattern for an Attic Bear from Kathy at  My Primitive Saltbox.

Here she is.......

I made her from a quilt that I had lost and found again in my Dad's garage. It had faded and looked very sad,so now it has a new life as a wonderful bear!!!

She has daisies on her feet and a muffler made from the edge of an old blanket. She is rag stuffed so has a nice solid feel then she has been brushed with walnut ink for a primitive look.

If you would like to give her a home just email me as she is ready for adoption.
Have a peaceful Sunday....

xox Angela.


Dorthe said...

Angela, your quilt is so beautiful, I too love the faded colours, and the wonderful country life feeling it have- what a great find- and I so love you turned the other old quilt to a sweet bear- it have been a beautiful quilt, in the blue and nature colours-and now lives it`s second life as this lovely bear, on your couch.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Angela
You have found a beautiful vintage quilt to love and treasure - it is as gorgeous as your repurposed quilt with the sweet bear.
Both are special and means so much to you.
Have a lovely weekend dear friend.
love and hugs,

GoldenValley50 said...

What a wonderful find Angela. The quilt is just gorgeous and I love your little bear. I wouldn't be able to part with him! ;)Sharyne

Petra Prins said...

The quilt is absolutely lovely! Look at that triangle made from a beautiful chintz border print!
Enjoy "playing" with it.