Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wool applique needlecases

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year.

 I had looked around my stock room and decided that I would reduce my stash and declutter.

I know, I know, we all collect so much 'stuff ' that we are sure we need, mine has been collected over 15 years or so and if I live to be 200 I will probably never use it all.

So todays project involved an old blanket and some homespun scraps.

First job, cut up the blanket, it was a peachy cream colour, rather sad, I've dyed it with acid dye into shades of purple, orange and green. To mute the colours slightly I added one drop of black to each dye lot.
Now the wool tones beautifully with these pieces of Moda homespuns which I've kept for years.

I am trying to make small items that I can sell as kits and as I love to sew I'm starting with needlecases.

Each one has some applique and is stitched with a variagated cotton twist.

I've used the homespun as a lining ...

and each has wool pages to keep pins and needles safe.

I need to write the instructions and make up the kits, then  I'm good to go!!!!

Just think when I'm fully decluttered I can start collecting again!**!**!**! or maybe at 200 I'll retire.

Happy stitching,
xox Angela.


Nancy in MT said...

Angela, those are wonderful, love them.

Dorthe said...

Dear Angela, I just "found" an old bed quilt in my room today--it should have been thrown out- but now I think I will cut it in smaller pieces..It is not a real quilt as you know them-more like a sleeping blanket,very heavy-- with cotton inside--soft pink.
What a sweet idea to youse this for your needle keeps-and to make kits. Thei are lovely.

The French Bear said...

Love your needle books, they are so sweet. It makes my knees weak when I see bundles of wool......isn't it wonderful to sew with? I am trying to organize my work room too, well for almost a year now!!! It is so hard to purge, especially when you know you can use every little scrap.
This is my first visit to your blog, so I am off to read more, what a lovely blog!
Margaret B

Sugar Lump Studios said...

These are so fun! I love the vibrant colors you used to create them. Have a great weekend Angela!