Friday, 6 April 2012

Beautiful threads and Spiders silk.

I'm in London for two weeks looking after my son's cat while he is on holiday in Canada with his wife and daughters.

Yesterday I visited the Handweavers Studio in Finsbury Park.

Shelves full of beautiful threads, cotton, rayon, wool, silk, it's a needlewomans dream.

Today I went out in search of inspiration.
A few stops on the tube and I'm in Knightsbridge heading towards the Victoria and Albert museum.

First things first, a cup of coffee in this amazing cafe.
This fabulous room is a feast for the eyes. I love the contemporary lighting amongst the Victorian splendor.

Next to the glass galleries to research a Bohemian glass vase that I have owned for many years.

Again the mix of modern and traditional is very clever.
This is the gallery above the main exhibit.

I have always enjoyed visiting the textile galleries alas they are being moved to another part of London so I had to settle for the Theatrical costumes.

The work on this piece is wonderful but difficult to capture on my camera.

Finally, the thing I really went to see,

A golden cloak made from the silk of the female Golden Orb spider. Having seen this on TV I wanted to see it for myself.
This is part of the design drawing.

Part of a large shawl,
and a close up of the fringe.

It is truly awe insiring and a work of art.

I'm back home with the cat who was pleased to see me and I'm settling down to do a little hand stitching.

Happy Easter,
xox Angela.


Createology said...

Such a lovley day you had and thank you for sharing your photos. I am swooning over them all. Happy Cat Sitting and Stitching...

Nancy in MT said...

Stunning pictures, the threads would intice me for sure. Have a wonderful Easter.

Dorthe said...

Such wonderful adventures you have had, dear Angela-
The silk cloak looks stunning.
Hope you have a good time stitching with your sons cat.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks for taking us along. Looks like it was a wonderfully relaxing and inspiring day. When we travel, Jingles is pretty much on her own. That's the great thing about cats -- they don't really need much caring for like dogs do. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter. Tammy

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Happy Easter dear Angela, looks like you've seen some beautiful and inspiring things while you're at your son and look after his cat.
Hugs Anni

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful colours! Have fun cat sitting and Happy Easter!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Angela,
What amazing places to visit!! The age and history of the buildings you have is so amazing. Every thing here is so new. ugh. LOL! Thanks for your visit. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Blogger has already started making the changes and you may have not even noticed. But I do think the new interface becomes mandatory this month sometime.
If you have a hard time with it, the blog book I wrote should help you a lot. Have a great week my friend.