Friday, 18 January 2013

Vintage stitching

My wonderful Bernina sewing machine has gone to be serviced and I miss it so much. But, a girl has to keep stitching, so I've got out my Mum's machine, this beautiful Singer Featherlight.

I remember her making things on this machine and  today I've unwound the bobbins and removed various colours of thread from the bobbins, some must go back years it made me a little sad too.

Despite not being used for a long time it sews an excellent straight stitch so I've cleaned her and oiled her and I'm good to go.

         of joys..... the tray has lots of different attachments including a ruffle foot.

  I was delighted to sell the Fabric and Lace journal in my Etsy shop, it is on it's way to Nichole in the US, (Thank you Nichole) so now I'm ready to start on another.

Looking through my fabrics and pictures I am inspired to use these 
lovely shades of purple and this pretty girl.
I have some cotton lawn fabric which I stamped and just need to choose some laces and trims before I start.

It's snowing outside so I'm home for the weekend, just me and my sewing machine.

I'm adding a pretty supplies kit with a rose theme to my Etsy shop

 Three hand stamped tags with pink hand dyed ribbon,
 three pieces cotton lawn stamped with French text  
 around an old rose and a lavender scented heart.

 I added three pretty organza roses, a hand made tag and a decorated clothes pin to complete the package.

  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, keep warm if you're in the snow,
 enjoy an iced drink if you're in Australia's heat.
                                                                    xox Angela.



Createology said...

Oh how I exclaimed when I read and saw you are "having to use" your mums beautiful Singer Featherweight. With all of its bits and parts is amazing. My sister has her mother's Featherweight and I used to get to sew on it. Love these machines. They are quite collectible here in the States. Blissful Stitching...

Jillayne said...

Knee deep in snow here and no end in sight!
I love your Featherweight and am lucky enough to have one as well - I really should get it out and sew with it more - it does do a beautiful straight stitch!
You've inspired me Angela, and also your busyness in your Etsy shop - congratulations on selling your journal.
Have a wonderful and warm weekend,


Dotty Dolly said...

I love the sewing machine Angela, hope you have a good time in the warm using it to make all your pretty things!

The Vintage Bazaar said...

What a joy to have a lovely old machine like that. Hope you enjoyed the snowy weekend. Looks as if we have more on the way this afternoon! Lizzie

Dorthe said...

Angela, congartulations on selling your beautiful journal-
I totally love your pink supply kits ,too!And the wonderful old Bernina- so great you can still use it!
Hugs from also, cold Denmark-

Lady Locust said...

Mr LB bought mine for me as a Christmas present - Love it! The most beautiful machine stitches are on the oldies.