Monday, 22 April 2013

Felt and Stitch.

I am loving making felt but will always feel the urge to stitch on all my work. There is nothing that I enjoy as much as the feel of needle and thread...

I made my first felted beret this week in a workshop with the lovely Julie Bowen. Her instructions were clear and concise and her work was a true inspiration.

After a couple of  hours I managed to finish most of the initial layers of wool and silk fibres. Time ran out in class so I've finished the felting process at home.

Here is the finished beret with some hand stitching,
 I am pleased with the way it turned out although I need more practise so  will be making more...

It goes perfectly with this spotty fabric... so a bag was needed, a quick and easy make that's light and easy to carry.

                                                 This is the label for my new collections.

                                                            '' Raggle Taggle Gyspy''

I had just enough of the yellow merino tops along with some silk waste,
 chiffon sari silk ribbons and bamboo fibre to make this journal cover.

                                adding beads and stitching really finishes it off...............

                                          Inside are five blank signatures just waiting to be filled.

  and to finish, I used some of my sample pieces of felt to make these brooches.
 The blue is indigo dyed with a resist, a fabulous process that I really loved.    
 The orange leaf is my first attempt at eco-dyeing using eucalyptus leaves

 I stiffened the felt a little and needed to create a firm backing to hold the brooch pin but I've solved  the puzzle of ''how to'' and will be making more soon..

                           I'm learning so much, expanding my knowledge and loving it!!!!

                                                 Have a fun and creative week
                                                                xox Angela.

Monday, 1 April 2013

My first attempt....

I joined my Fibre craft/felt making  course at the beginning of February. We have a class for four hours on Tuesday afternoons and have been looking at some interesting techniques including the wonderful alchemy of Indigo dying, which I loved, and this week the magic of 'Cyanotype'.

We painted a piece of white cotton with a green coloured chemical then immediately placed some leaves and grasses on the top. The whole thing was covered in a piece of clear perspex then placed in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. The fabric turned a steely grey where it was exposed to UV light and stayed white under the leaves. when we rinsed the fabric in cold water it turned this fabulous blue.

It's truly an amazing process, I'm embroidering over this now and will share the results soon.

Felting is a really new skill for me, and I need lots of practise. I love the random nature of the finished results which can't really be predicted.

I love the soft feel of 18 micron Merino, so I combined it with a flesh coloured 23 micron Merino to try my hand at making a collar.

                                Now, I'm really a novice and I'm experimenting so be kind to me.

  I used little pieces fleece from Leslie Prior's wonderful Angora goats to add a little texture and  mulberry silk to create the large flowers.

I couldn't resist a little free machine embroidery over the holes, around the large flowers and lots of
small flowers in a soft pink.

The rose pin was made from felt which I cut into petals and stitched adding stamens and seed beads to the centre. Two silk cocoons have been embellished and hang below the flower.

                                          This is the back, aren't those curly bits lovely,

                                    The felt is very pale so I hope you can see the pictures...

   I had a small piece left over from making the flower so I've stitched a little pocket. it's not quite finished so that's a little project for this evening.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and not eaten too much chocolate....

Have a fun week, xox Angela.