Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I love the look and feel of cloth dolls and the quirkier the better. There is a real pleasure in searching through the internet and looking at American Primitive dolls, there appeal is endless.

My friend Joan had a birthday recently so I made "Maddy" as a gift for her. This happy little soul now sits on a chair in her sitting room.

One doll is never enough, so along came 'Adeline'. I am very fond of her as she dares to be different. She looks at life from all directions and is a proud individual.

Her hair is wild, although she tries hard to tame it somehow it always has a windswept look. Her necklace is made from boot buttons from her grandmothers button box. She always has a wry smile on her face thinking about the scrapes she gets in to. We would all love her as a friend!!

Coffee time now, off to meet another friend.

Have fun.
xox Angela.