Friday, 8 May 2020

Home alone and creating art.

In these peculiar times my art work has been my best friend. I live alone which is something I love. I selfishly enjoy the freedom of not having to compromise. So I am probably well equipped to deal with the situation. Plus, I have enough fabric and art materials to work through for several months to come. 

It is a time to learn a different way of working and re-evaluating the things we like to do.

I have always enjoyed creating books and have made and sold many different styles over the years.

Hand embroidery has always played a major part of my life since being a little girl. Taught by my mother and grandmother, it has been a constant pleasure.

This is a small journal inspired by Faded Roses. It has a Dupion Silk outer cover with a Briar Rose hand stitched on the front.

Inside are four signatures of pink hand tinted paper each enclosed in an embroidered signature cover.


This is one of five books created during this lockdown.
Today I have plan to go small. A miniature journal with a creepy crawly theme.

Stay safe.
xox Angela.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Say Hello to Maggie Lowe Designs

I'm hoping you will head over to Maggie Lowe Designs to see my final pieces of work for my degree. You will find me here

Only six more weeks to go until my final hand in. Then!!! I'll be back to blogging and also working on some innovative online workshops to inspire you all.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Please follow me to my new home.

2016 has brought a new name and a new blog.

I needed a short and snappy name to launch my new look. so, I've combined my maiden name and my middle name to create Maggie Lowe Designs.

There is a new website and Facebook page too all ready to launch.

Find me at Maggie Lowe Designs on blogger.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Shades of Indigo.

Phew!!  We certainly hit the ground running in the second year of my degree course…..

Our module brief  'Shades of Indigo' asked us to create designs for fashion textiles using 'indigo' as our colour palette.

Well, everything has turned blue, not only paper and fabric, but my hands( no gloves) and  several white shirts (oh.. where did I put my apron) .

I needed to produce thirty paper designs and fifteen fabric designs using print, stitch and manipulation.

Heres a selection of my work.

My inspiration came from my summer sketchbook. I had experimented with Oriental brush painting.

I also looked at Japanese textiles especially 'Boro' with is now considered an art form although it was initially a utilitarian way of preserving clothes and other textiles.

During my further research I looked at the work of 'Yayoi Kusama' who lives and works in Japan and works with repeated 'Polka Dots.


I worked on my own piece of 'Boro' and did some darning too. Both are ways of making fabric last longer as well as being decorative.

 These are some of my paper designs.

and a selection of my fabric designs...

 printed on hand dyed Thai silk..

hand and machine stitched appliquéd polka dots on hand dyed Thai silk...

printed and machine stitched on hand dyed Cambric…

 reverse applique with machine couching and hand stitched french knots on a hand dyed wool mix…

I have some of my dyed fabric left over and am working on a short tutorial on Boro. I hope to add some kits to my Etsy shop over the weekend.

It"s been a whirlwind over the last six weeks, our new module starts on Monday, so now to clean my house, buy some food to stock my cupboards and enjoy catching up before I start again. 

Guess what? I love it!!

XOX Angela.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I love the look and feel of cloth dolls and the quirkier the better. There is a real pleasure in searching through the internet and looking at American Primitive dolls, there appeal is endless.

My friend Joan had a birthday recently so I made "Maddy" as a gift for her. This happy little soul now sits on a chair in her sitting room.

One doll is never enough, so along came 'Adeline'. I am very fond of her as she dares to be different. She looks at life from all directions and is a proud individual.

Her hair is wild, although she tries hard to tame it somehow it always has a windswept look. Her necklace is made from boot buttons from her grandmothers button box. She always has a wry smile on her face thinking about the scrapes she gets in to. We would all love her as a friend!!

Coffee time now, off to meet another friend.

Have fun.
xox Angela.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Summer of Design.

At the end of our last term we were set a summer project to keep us busy during the holiday.

We were asked to fill an A3 sketchbook with a documentation of our summer and to look for design opportunities in the every day.

The trees in my last post are part of this sketchbook and were inspired by the artist David Hockney and his wonderful "Yorkshire Sketchbook".

My work is a random look at places and events of the summer, Chelsea flower show,  The Tour De France in the UK, walks along the coast and various other ramblings.

On a visit to the beach in Devon I came across a wonderful bed of alliums. Such lovely shapes and colours.


So many ways to draw and paint these majestic flowers. It would be great to develop this theme further

 I couldn't resist a little play today, green fabric, bleach as a discharge, stitch over the top and making myself stop there.

It's just over a week until term starts, our first brief will be emailed in the next couple of days and the work begins. I just love it!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, it's great to hear from old friends.

Enjoy your week.
xox Angela.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Hello, I'm still around…..

Hello to all my lovely followers and apologies for my long absence.

As you may know I started a BAHons degree in design last September. I have to say it has filled every waking moment (and often given me sleepless nights,) but I am loving every minute.

I have been pushed way out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, learning new techniques and developing ones that I already knew.

I have spent the summer break working on my sketchbook, visiting galleries, and researching many artists and designers. What a treat it's been.

This is a piece of work on trees that I've been working on, the medium is ink on paper.

I've also worked the piece on linen fabric using procion dyes and bleach the finishing with hand stitching.

In between I've allowed myself the luxury of a little hand stitching inspired the Kantha work of the women in Bangladesh and Bengal. Some of these have added to my Etsy shop.

I've really missed my blog friends and I'm busy catching up with all your news. Please say Hello and leave me a comment.

I'm back for my second year soon, can't wait.

xox Angela.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Little stitcheries.

I love little things to stitch and spent a pleasant afternoon stitching these little brooches.

The back is some beautiful Irish tweed that I bought at
The Festival Quilts back in the summer. I've built up the layers with different fabrics
then added buttons and bits.
A quick and easy project and
It,s a fun way to brighten up my coat!!

xox Angela

Sunday, 29 December 2013

A new look.

I've given my blog a new simpler look and hope you like it. I've been 'awol' for so long so it's good to say Hello…

I'm loving my course at Somerset College of Art and Design, it's hard work and very time consuming but it's wonderful to be part of such a inspiring and creative environment.

My stitching has taken a back seat to painting and drawing but as it's the holidays I gave myself a little treat .
I designed and embroidered this little Etui.

 It took a while to decide on how to work on the construction, but then came the real pleasure of  stitching the design.

The pearls make the edges look pretty too

The pockets are to hold your stitching needs and the centre is a little pincushion.

2014 will be busy for me but I'm looking forward to it.

Happy New year to you all too.
xox Angela.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Embroiderers Companions

I love to stitch little things for stitcher's, so here are my latest creations ready to go in my Etsy shop.

I always stitch where ever I go so it,s nice to have a little set of my needfuls to quickly pick up.

                                           First my hoop, all ready to go in its own pocket.

There's a place on the back for scissors, they are held in with a button and a loop.
The pocket holds a 6 1/2 " hoop just the right size for work on the move.

                                    The matching sewing roll has all those essential notions.

                              Pockets for a pack of needles and  buttons, a needle case
                             and a place to store your markers and stitch removers.

                                 Next a roll to hold your threads, neat and tidy, ready to use.


                                              The flaps hold everything in place.....


                                        and, to complete the set, a wrist pin cushion...

The band is held in place with'Velcro' for a comfy fit.

                                      The whole collection fits into this handy  matching bag....

it has a magnetic clasp and a pocket for your mobile phone.

                                           I've made a set in red too with lots of hand embroidery.

                       This is the scissor pocket...

                       I love this fabric, and I've picked out the design to use on the stitched panel.

                                              Did you see the covered button ??

                            Inside has pockets and a place to hold your stitch ripper ....

                                        ....lots of pretty hand embroidery on the needle case too.

  I'm just off to list these in my Etsy shop but wanted to tell you about my new venture.
 For the next three years I will be studying full time for a BA Hons in Interior Textiles and Surface design. I am really excited to be doing this and will be a very mature student. But, for the first time for many many years, I have the freedom to start something like this.
I am told that my work will change during this process and I will be pushed out of my comfort zone, that's great although I may have a little grumble to my blogging friends, but also I hope to share with you all my ups and downs so watch this space.

                                                                        xox Angela.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Stitched velvet flowers.

I love to use these pretty velvet flowers in my work, often added as they are to journals, fabric boxes and collages.

Today I've been using them in embroidery and stitched onto some vintage linens.

I needed to pull the Viola apart and peel the paper backing from the back.


The bullion stitch has been worked with two strands of thread and the French knots with six strands. I added a few seed beads to give a little sparkle

    On the single Hydrangea flower I've used silk perle for the bullion stitch and the central French knots
 then a normal Perle for the woven flower. 
   These are a wonderful addition to crazy quilting, embroidery, collages, journals, the list is endless.


I have lots of these flower for sale in beautiful vintage shades

They will be in my Etsy shop soon, meanwhile just email if you would like to purchase any of them.

They are just £2 a pack/ 3.5 US $ plus shipping.

Happy stitching.
xox Angela.

Home alone and creating art.

In these peculiar times my art work has been my best friend. I live alone which is something I love. I selfishly enjoy the freedom of not ha...