Home alone and creating art.

In these peculiar times my art work has been my best friend. I live alone which is something I love. I selfishly enjoy the freedom of not having to compromise. So I am probably well equipped to deal with the situation. Plus, I have enough fabric and art materials to work through for several months to come. 

It is a time to learn a different way of working and re-evaluating the things we like to do.

I have always enjoyed creating books and have made and sold many different styles over the years.

Hand embroidery has always played a major part of my life since being a little girl. Taught by my mother and grandmother, it has been a constant pleasure.

This is a small journal inspired by Faded Roses. It has a Dupion Silk outer cover with a Briar Rose hand stitched on the front.

Inside are four signatures of pink hand tinted paper each enclosed in an embroidered signature cover.


This is one of five books created during this lockdown.
Today I have plan to go small. A miniature journal with a creepy crawly theme.

Stay safe.
xox Angela.


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