Friday, 10 December 2010

Shhh. can you keep a secret!

I hope you can keep a secret out there in blogland. It's about a mermaid called  Morveren. I've made her for a very special little girl.
I haven't much experience making mermaids but what the heck I've had a go.
Her face was the hardest, I think I need to practice drawing faces it looks so easy but it's not.

I enjoyed stitching on all the embellishments, pearls and shells and threads.

I'm afraid this mermaid eats a little too much and needs a little less (don't we all), so her waist is not as narrow as it should be.

Moveren was a mermaid who lived of the coast off the little village Zennor in Cornwall.

I am starting work on a book to accompany her and will tell her story. I'll show you on my next post'

Meanwhile I have very sore fingers from stitching so I am having a day off and indulging in a long walk.

Keep well all my friends and don't forget that I love your comments they make my day!

xox Angela.


Olivia said...

Oh wow! She is such a sweet doll! The embellishments are gorgeous!

soggibottom said...

I think this little mermaid would like great on any beach. :-) x x x

Vision Of Angels Cards said...

This doll is STUNNING! I love her eyes and I love her ruby red lips (I think you made a superb 'mouth' my friend. And, I cannot wait to read all about your book. How exciting for you! Hope all is well with you ~ I use my quilt journal all the time AND the Devon Violet Journal is on my bedside table ~ it is so stunning. Stay well my friend. Love and xoxox from your friend Marilyn. ps Wills and Kate (Prince William and Catherine) are in the news over here all the time. Now they are showing the new book just out about them and the mugs ~ what I would do for one of those but there are no stores (that I know of) who sell them here in the States. ...sigh