Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A special find.

I'm still decluttering but I have sinned!! Just as an after thought today I popped into a local charity shop. I wasn't buying you understand, just looking.

This beautiful piece of vintage linen must have called to me.

I don't know whether you can see it is beautiful fine cotton lawn which has exquisite hand crocheted lace.

It has been hand embroidered with a double feather stitch to cover the seams.

I don't know how these insets have been made but they are so lovely.

I've spent the afternoon stitching this pretty cuff. It's made with hand dyed vintage lace stitched with pearls, seed beads and crystals then I've added three tiny silk ribbon roses.

 I have been asked to teach a beginners workshop in August making Cuffs and Corsages so I'm thinking about how to present it to novice stitchers.

Have a fun day,
xox Angela.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Roses, Roses!!

I am teaching a short practical project at Stitch and Craft in London's Olympia next month.
Everyone loves these rolled roses, they are quick and easy to make and can be used to embellish so many things.

Here are a couple of necklaces to go in my Etsy shop using this technique.

This one is made with a felted wool rose which has been hand dyed along with the lace. I've stitched little seed beads to it to give it sparkle. There's a mermaids tear below the rose which was collected on the beach in Devon. It has been wired and has a cabuchon shaped stone on the front.
The rest of the lace has been embellished with Austrian crystals and beads along with tiny blue green shells from a vintage necklace. Around the edge are tiny silk roses which have been stitched with silk ribbon.

I have made the cord with overstitched silk chiffon Sari ribbon and added a clasp.

Here are three roses stitched on to lace then embellished with freshwater pearls and Austrian crystals.

Each bead has been individally stitched to the lace and, again, the cord is made from silk chiffon Sari ribbon which has been overstitched with silk thread and fastened with a clasp.

Little roses have been added stitched with Silk ribbon. Both necklaces are backed with dupion silk.

They'll be going in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

I'm of to cook my dinner, have a great evening!!

xox Angela.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wool applique needlecases

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year.

 I had looked around my stock room and decided that I would reduce my stash and declutter.

I know, I know, we all collect so much 'stuff ' that we are sure we need, mine has been collected over 15 years or so and if I live to be 200 I will probably never use it all.

So todays project involved an old blanket and some homespun scraps.

First job, cut up the blanket, it was a peachy cream colour, rather sad, I've dyed it with acid dye into shades of purple, orange and green. To mute the colours slightly I added one drop of black to each dye lot.
Now the wool tones beautifully with these pieces of Moda homespuns which I've kept for years.

I am trying to make small items that I can sell as kits and as I love to sew I'm starting with needlecases.

Each one has some applique and is stitched with a variagated cotton twist.

I've used the homespun as a lining ...

and each has wool pages to keep pins and needles safe.

I need to write the instructions and make up the kits, then  I'm good to go!!!!

Just think when I'm fully decluttered I can start collecting again!**!**!**! or maybe at 200 I'll retire.

Happy stitching,
xox Angela.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

A vintage quilt and an old bear.

I bought this quilt at Christmas as a present to myself.

Strictly speaking , as it only has two layers, a front and a back, it is a coverlet, made in around 1880 I think.

I love the fabrics and although some of them are starting to perish it is a real treasure,
It is mostly in squares with a few triangles and is all hand quilted in a chevron design.

I love the blend of blues, browns and reds.
This triangle has been made from two different scraps of fabrics.

I wish I new the history of this piece and I would love to have met the woman who made her.
I have it on the back of my sofa and admire it every day.

Recently I bought a pattern for an Attic Bear from Kathy at  My Primitive Saltbox.

Here she is.......

I made her from a quilt that I had lost and found again in my Dad's garage. It had faded and looked very sad,so now it has a new life as a wonderful bear!!!

She has daisies on her feet and a muffler made from the edge of an old blanket. She is rag stuffed so has a nice solid feel then she has been brushed with walnut ink for a primitive look.

If you would like to give her a home just email me as she is ready for adoption.
Have a peaceful Sunday....

xox Angela.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Hearts inspiration

Another little hanging heart completed today.

Such a pretty face and a wistful look.....

Who could fail to be inspired!!

Tomorrow I'm of to my favourite quilt shop in Cornwall to meet my customer for the Wedding Pegs.
I've made a box so she can transport them to Hawaii at the end of the month for her daughters wedding.

There will be bunting at the ceremony  in all these bright colours so I've used some on the pegs and some of the scraps on the lid of the box.

everything is safe and snug inside ready for the long journey.

I just need to get them 80 miles to Cornwall in freezing temperatures then they'll be of to sunnier climes.
Maybe I should sneak in the box...

Have a great weekend,
xox Angela.